10 Necessary Wedding Reception Los Angeles Banquet Hall Concerns

10 Necessary Wedding Reception Los Angeles Banquet Hall Concerns
10 Necessary Wedding Reception Banquet Hall Concerns

10 Necessary Wedding Reception Banquet Hall Concerns

You can’t really set a marriage date until you have secured a location for your reception, so the sooner you tackle this task, the better. It is best to take care of this at least ten to twelve months in advance. Once you have narrowed down your decisions about what setting you would like for your reception, sit down with the banquet hall manager at each place to talk over the main points. Once you like what you hear and have a set location, you can begin planning the rest of party.
Some questions to consider when choosing a site for your reception:

What services will the payment include?

Some banquet halls offer catering services including the whole setup make sure that your party runs flawlessly, the site ought to offer a manager to be present on the day of your wedding at no additional charge. For an extra fee you may also be able to arrange for a valet parking service, a restroom attendant and a coat room attendant.

Will it be cheaper not booking the banquet hall on a Saturday?

Saturday night weddings are the most costly since they are the most in demand for receptions. If you book a banquet hall on a Friday or Sunday night you will most likely get a rate that is lower because those days are less in demand and usually not booked as quickly. Rental fees can also vary per month: for example, in for banquet halls in Los Angeles, California you’ll get a slightly better rate if you don’t book between the months of May and October, which are the most common months for wedding receptions.

Is the hall hosting different events before, throughout or after ours on the same day?

Ask if it would be cheaper booking the banquet hall not on Saturday.

Ask if it would be cheaper booking the banquet hall not on Saturday.

Try to avoid booking a banquet hall that is hosting another wedding simultaneously—it’s usually best to have the staff’s complete attention to be centered entirely on your event. Sometimes banquet halls will book a day event and an evening event on the same day, which typically won’t interfere with each-other. Most banquet halls are rented in four-hour increments, with 2 hours on each side of the event, so your vendors can have time to set up then break down. If you think your wedding will go over the 2 hour buffer, take into account booking a banquet hall that has no other receptions planned that day so your vendors will not feel hurried.

Can you bring in your own caterer?

If your location offers catering, this will probably not be acceptable. If your banquet hall does welcome outside caterers, you’ll probably need to settle on a vendor from a list of “preferred” vendors—professionals the location managers trust and who understand everything about the reception space’s room and feeding areas.

What is the alcohol policy?

Your catering fee might include a full open bar for which you will be charged a flat fee or by the hour—or you’ll have the choice of being charged based on what, and how much, guests really consume. Some banquet halls don’t carry liquor licenses for which case you will need to purchase the alcohol yourself. You can also just ask your independent caterer to take care of the alcohol specifics, if you are using an independent caterer.

Are the health-department and insurance certificates up to date?

Reputable Los Angeles banquet halls meet health codes and carry insurance just in case somebody becomes injured while on the property. If the hall doesn’t carry this kind of paperwork, it is best to avoid doing business there.

Can they accommodate physically disabled guests?

While most buildings have ramps and elevators, do not simply take the manager’s word for it. Walk around the facilities yourself to make sure that there is every necessity present for wheelchair-bound guests. Look around for spacious elevators, wide ramps and doorways, handicapped-accessible toilet stalls in each the restrooms, and so on.

Is there air-conditioning?

Never assume. Ask. Particularly if your reception is going to take place during the summer months, air conditioning is a must for the comfort of you and your guests.

Is there air-conditioning in banquet hall?

Is there air-conditioning in banquet hall?

Are there any restrictions you should know about?

If a Los Angees banquet hall is located in a densely populated residential area, there might be noise restrictions set by the community, meaning you may have do shut down your party at a specific time. Also, some banquet halls in Los Angeles don’t allow the use of taper candles or sparklers due to fire hazards.

What is the payment and cancellation policy?

If you have chosen a banquet hall in Los Angeles and are happy with the services offered, you may be asked to sign a contract that includes everything that has been mentioned verbally—this includes the name of the space you’re renting, the equipment provided, the number of employees, the setup and breakdown times, the duration of your party, the taxes and maybe even the gratuities. Once this contract is signed you might be asked to leave a security deposit, so make sure you understand the circumstances during which you are entitled to a refund (which should also be stated in the contract).

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