Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Dress

Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Dress
Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Dress

Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Dress

Birthday celebrations are a great way to remember another cherished year of your life, but no birthday celebration comes close to the importance of a quinceanera! The quinceanera is a major event for latino girls turning fifteen, as it marks the coming-of-age into womanhood and starting a new chapter in the girl’s life.

Since a quinceanera is all about coming-of-age and becoming more independent, it only makes sense that the dress you choose for this event should reflect who you are as a woman. The quinceanera dress should reflect your personality and sense of style, while also reflecting the type of celebration you’re having. Is the quinceanera going to be very extravagant and glamorous, or more modern and low-key? As you begin to try on your quinceanera dress, consider the theme of your party.

Fashion is always changing, which means so are quinceanera dress styles. The year 2015 is seeing very simplistic, long dresses on the runway with attention to tailored fitting and silhouettes. Long skirts were seen as more conservative and boring before, but they are definitely making a comeback with variations: a sexy slit, a flowy skirt, or even a see-through top layer.

High-low hemlines are also still relevant for warmer months, providing a sassy spin on the classic long hem to show off your killer gams. If your birthday falls in the middle of August, you might want to consider this type of hemline for practical purposes, because being comfortable is just as important as looking good! If you have always dreamed of a ball gown as your quinceanera dress, consider a light material during warmer months of the year so you can move around with ease.

The color of your quinceanera dress is just as important as the style. Sometimes the color is what actually makes the style work and stand out. If you’re going for a more simplistic quinceanera dress, you may want to consider a bright color such as lime or neon orange. You may even want to consider animal prints with a more simplistic quinceanera dress to play up your playful and fun personality!

If you want to look like you just stepped out of a classic fairytale, a full ball gown quinceanera dress is the perfect fit. A heavily decorated quinceanera dress is great for girls who want to go all out. If you want to balance the classic ball gown look with some embellishments, you can choose to have a sequined bustier with a more plain tulle skirt, or a simple bustier with scattered sequins on the skirt. You may even want to consider an extravagant skirt with layers of ruffles complemented by a more simple bustier, such as a classic sweetheart shape with streamlined crystals.

Another way to update the classic Cinderella style quinceanera dress is to go for an unusual color. If the dress has a lot of intricate detailing, a rich color will help the details stand out. Cranberry red, emerald green, mustard yellow, or deep blue are just a few examples of rich colors that will grab attention without distracting from the overall style of the dress. These types of colors for a quinceanera dress will make you feel like royalty, and look great on all types of skin tones. On the other hand, a black and white quinceanera dress is perfect with more modern party themes such as Hollywood or Rock Star. A pastel pink or mint colored quinceanera dress is great for an island or caribbean-themed quinceanera celebration.

It’s very important to try on different styles of dresses before deciding on one, because although you prefer a specific style, it may not look as good on your body as another completely different style. It comes down to finding the best quinceanera dress for your body type. If your frame is more petite, you may want to consider a dropped waist which elongates the torso and flatters your small shape. If you’re more curvy, a strapless dress with a cinched corset waist will be flattering, because it highlights the best features of your body.

The most important part of finding your perfect quinceanera dress is to begin looking months ahead! This will give you plenty of time to order the dress, hand it in for alterations, and find accessories to match. Remember that the Quinceanera celebration is heavily rooted in Spanish tradition and latino culture, so you can consider your relatives’ opinions but stay true to yourself and your ideas. You may need to compromise with your elders so that you’re honoring your family’s wishes while still allowing your personality to shine through with your quinceanera dress.

The fashion district in downtown Los Angeles is the perfect stop to shop around for quinceanera dresses if you’re looking to try on different shapes and styles. Once again, it’s important to try on different dresses before making a final decision, so don’t feel pressured to make a purchase if your heart isn’t into it. There is also a very large latino community in downtown Los Angeles, making it convenient for you to ask around for opinions on good quinceanera dress stores for reasonable prices.

Once you have found the perfect quinceanera dress, you now need to choose the dresses for the damas, who are the special girls/women in your life that you have chosen to accompany you during your quinceanera event. The age of your damas can range from the age of 5 and up. The youngest dama is the damita, kind of like a flower girl at a wedding, and she represents the girl form of the woman you are becoming. Ideally, the dresses for your the damas and damita should compliment your quinceanera dress. Once again, downtown LA fashion district is the perfect location to begin your search for these dresses. Look for short, cocktail-style dresses in the same color theme as your quince dress, or different colors such as black and white that would also match.

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All in all, your quinceanera is about YOU, so you should stand out and not be overshadowed by other in your Corte de Honor. A girl turns fifteen only once, and on your special day remember that you are the quinceanera queen!