Choosing the Perfect Sweet 16 Banquet Hall

Choosing the Perfect Sweet 16 Banquet Hall
Choosing the Perfect Sweet 16 Banquet Hall

Choosing the Perfect Sweet 16 Banquet Hall

Every teenage girls dreams about their Sweet 16. Turning 16 can be considered a milestone as it marks the beginning of more responsibility and womanhood, much like the Quinceanera, or 15th birthday, of the latino community.
In California, turning 16 also means that a teenager can legally have a driver’s license. In some countries such as the United Kingdom, they can begin to learn to drive at 16 but get their driver’s license at 17.

Sweet 16 Party

Shows such as MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 document the preparations for extravagant and expensive Sweet 16 parties, during which many of the birthday girls receive cars as gifts from their parents.
The Sweet 16 party has become a major part of American culture, although it can be celebrated in many different ways and sizes according to your budget.
If your teenager is 15, you can begin planning their Sweet 16 birthday party. A Sweet 16 party can be planned with your teenager so it’ll be exactly as they imagine, or without your teenager as a surprise.

Sweet 16 Banquet Hall

The first thing to consider when planning a Sweet 16 party is the venue. Narrow down your venue options according to the approximate number of attendees and the type of party you want to have.
If you’re going for a classy, elegant party with some eating and dancing, you should consider a banquet a hall. Banquet halls such as Sepan Banquet Hall & Catering are a great place to have a Sweet 16 Party because they often offer different venues according to the size of your party. Many banquet halls also offer great package deals including catering, decorations, and music. It is important to look at potential halls and get quotes for the type of party you want.
Some parents opt for a more wild venue for their teen’s Sweet 16 party because it’s what their teen (and the attendees) want. For example, having the party at a popular nightclub with a DJ. Again, it’s important to take a tour of the club and speak to the manager about the type of party you’d like to hold there. For a 16th birthday party many nightclubs will offer a dry (non-alcoholic) bar.
If you’re unsure about the type of venue you’d like for your teen’s Sweet 16 party, you can ask their friends or parents of the friends who have also held Sweet 16 parties.

Sweet 16 Theme

Once you have booked your sweet 16 banquet hall, it’s important to have a consistent theme. Think about what your teen likes to do on their spare time, such as skateboarding, ice skating, singing, playing an instrument, or even movies and Hollywood. This information will help you choose a theme that is important to your teenager and will make your specific Sweet 16 party unique!
If the party that you’re planning is a surprise and you’re not sure what your teenager is into, it will be helpful to ask their friends or look at their social networks.
Remember that your teenager turns 16 only once, and whether or not you buy them a car, they will always remember a party where they were surrounded by loved ones and close friends.
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