Choosing Your Wedding Banquet Hall

Choosing Your Wedding Banquet Venue
Choosing Your Wedding Banquet Venue

Choosing Your Wedding Banquet Venue

The biggest decision in your wedding planning is deciding on a wedding banquet hall. The venue is important because a lot of other factors in the wedding planning process revolve around the location of the wedding reception. The price of the banquet hall in Los Angeles varies depending on the location, size, and package, but a big chunk of your wedding budget should be allocated for this purpose.

It’s important not to be cheap when it comes to the venue, because a badly chosen reception hall or banquet hall can completely change the mood and atmosphere of a wedding. Follow this practical guide when choosing your banquet hall:

Wedding Banquet Hall Size

 The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding banquet venue is the size of your party. The banquet hall or venue that you choose should be able to comfortably accommodate all the guests you invite. A hall that is too small will feel cramped and uncomfortable, especially for a party that likes to dance and socialize. A hall that is too big will look empty and cold, especially in pictures. A large banquet hall will also give the illusion of too few guests, or party that not everyone showed up to. The comfort of your guests is of the utmost importance!

Check out the Hall Interior

Another factor to consider when choosing a wedding banquet hall is the interior. Does the overall atmosphere of the venue match the theme of your wedding? If your heart is set on a specific venue that doesn’t completely match the theme of your wedding, you may be able to alter the mood a bit with decorations and lighting. There are numerous decorating vendors that can assist you in altering the atmosphere of any given interior. If it’s completely impossible to alter the atmosphere according to your desires, it may be wise to look for another wedding banquet hall.

Wedding receptions consist of music and dancing, so the dance floor and sound system are also important factors to consider when choosing a wedding banquet venue. If you’re planning on encouraging every guest to stand up and dance, make sure that there is a large enough dance floor inside the venue. The wedding deejay that you hire for music will probably take care of the sound system if the hall doesn’t provide one.

When finalizing your decision with a wedding banquet hall, it’s wise to book the date months in advance to ensure that you have your preferred date and location. Some popular venues in the Los Angeles area even need to be booked years in advance because they’re so popular! This is particularly true if your wedding date is during peak season.

Good luck with your hunt for the perfect wedding banquet hall, and remember that your heart AND mind should be set on the perfect location!