Designing the Venue for the Perfect Banquet Event

Banquet Hall


The banquet hall has hit the event mainstream. The main reason for this is that people love good food, drink, and the best atmosphere. Banquets give your party a focus. It doesn’t matter what you’re celebrating. They are just the perfect place where guests can sit and dine together to feast. These places are also perfect for individuals to network at ease. 

How to Design a Banquet Hall to Make the Party Stand Out? 

Before you can plan the party, make sure that you have a budget. It is crucial to planning success. There are areas where you must allocate most of the money: the venue, entertainment, and food/drink. However, you should also consider the transportation of the guests to the venue, decoration, event management, and hospital staff. And make sure you have event insurance. 

What is the Theme? 

When designing the venue, you must know the theme of the party. Event themes can affect the style of food you can provide and the dress code. You can have fun with the theme or create a culinary experience for your guests. But you can always be inventive with the decoration. Some of the most popular themes are as follows: 

  • Hollywood 
  • Halloween
  • Medieval 
  • Alice in Wonderland

Or you can just have a black tie theme. It is perfect for any purpose as it lets your guests dress up glamorously. This theme lets you decorate the hall to be impressive while still creating a more formal environment for the work event. 

How to Choose the Perfect Banquet Hall? 

There are several things to consider. Keep in mind that the venue takes up a huge portion of your budget. Hence, make sure to pick an appropriate event location. That is, it must be easy for your guests to find and travel to go there. It is wise to pick a hall somewhere close to where most of your guests live. If not, choose a venue with transportation access. Furthermore, the venue must be close to your suppliers. Or, you can just ask the banquet hall owner to cater your food and drinks. In that way, you don’t have to hire a catering company to provide you with the necessary food and beverages. 

Catering and Food Menu 

A banquet is all about food. Thus, it is vital that you think about what to bring to the table. Include a choice of courses but make sure to add food for people with special dietary requirements. You must ask your guests to RSVP with the menu choice so the perfect options for every course are prepared. 

Who will Cater Your Event? 

If you will hold the banquet at Sepan Banquet Hall, you can hire our catering team to provide you with the necessary food. Our in-house team can provide two main courses with two sides. Depending on the package you choose, we offer 10 appetizers, too. Call us today to inquire about our packages: (323) 661-7501