How to Plan a Corporate Event or Party

How to Plan a Corporate Event or Party
How to Plan a Corporate Event or Party

How to Plan a Corporate Event or Party

That time of year is fast approaching! Although it still feels like summer, the coming holidays mean that companies will soon begin planning their corporate event parties. These parties often include award banquets for the employees, sparking teamwork and morale. If you are reading this blog, then you are also probably wondering how to begin planning a corporate event party. You have come to the right place!

A general rule of thumb is to begin the party planning process 4-6 months before the party date. If you are anticipating more than 100 guests, you will require more resources and time, so give yourself at least 6-9 months to plan instead.


The location of your party should be on top of your planning list, because other stages of the planning process are determined according to the location. Your first determinant for reserving the right location for your party is the number of guests attending. This will narrow your venue choices and make it somewhat easier to make a decision.

If you are a larger regional or global corporation, you may need audio, visual, and even hotel meeting space. If you are a smaller, more simple company, a local banquet hall or venue may suffice. If you have any guests from out of town like CEOs or board members, you may want to choose a venue close to the airport for their convenience. The location of your corporate

event should generally take up the largest portion of your budget.

Professional Vendors

Hiring a professional team of vendors will work wonders when it comes to executing your vision flawlessly. A reasonable question to ask yourself is “How do I want my party to impact my guests?” This impact factor is where the vendors come in. These include the caterer, entertainment, and guest speakers. A poor selection of vendors may leave a poor impression on your guests. The vendors should be the second largest area to invest your budget, so choose wisely because it is the small details that can make a good party an amazing party!

Spontaneous Theme

Do you remember the last company party you attended? If you could not remember after 10 seconds, then the party planning committee did not do their job well. When you sell or market a product, in this case a party, you have to establish an identity for your brand, in this case a theme centered on your company. The theme should be different from previous years, and should implement your company’s history and short-term vision. A great place to begin deciding a theme is to brainstorm with fellow co-workers who also know about the company’s history and vision.

Get Employees Involved

One of the main purposes behind a company party is to ignite teamwork and employee morale. For this reason, a great way to get instant feedback regarding the party is with a newsletter addressed to the employees. This can take the form of a survey about specific parts of the party such as food and entertainment so you can get an idea about what your team would prefer. Remember that the more you center the corporate party around the employees, the more successful and

memorable it will be.

Be Creative

Now that you know how to begin planning the perfect corporate party, the final thought to consider is to be creative. There are many stressful elements that come with party planning, but do not let this limit your creativity. Many times people stay away from creative ideas because they are afraid the idea will not work, but do not be afraid to try something new and different. Just because the party is a corporate one does not mean that it has to be boring and predictable. You will be surprised at the compliments you will receive if you think outside the box and approach the party with originality in mind. Some creative ideas are a sushi bar, accent lighting, or choosing a color theme like an all white party. The possibilities are endless! These are the elements that will make your corporate event a memorable one, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and being talked about for years to come!