Invitation Tips for the Quinceanera

Invitation Tips for the Quinceanera
Invitation Tips for the Quinceanera

Invitation Tips for the Quinceanera

Often times, quinceanera parties are large and lavish like wedding or engagement parties. It is important to formally invite your guests using invitations to keep things organized for your special day.

Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Invitation

The quinceanera invitation is important because it is the first aspect of your party that the guests will see and experience. For this reason, the invitation should set the tone and theme for the quinceanera party. It should reflect the same colors or theme of the celebration. If the quinceanera girl’s dress is purple, it would make sense to use purple somewhere on the invitation as well. If the quinceanera party revolves around a Cinderella theme, the invitation can incorporate the glass shoe or a stagecoach. You may want to even include a current or baby picture of the quinceanera girl in the invitation, depending on how it fits with your theme.

Parts of the Quinceanera Invitation

The quinceanera invitation should include different parts or layers. Included in the ensemble should be the outer envelope, the actual invitation, and a response (RSVP) card. The response card envelopes can be printed with the return address, saving time and making it convenient for your guests to RSVP. You may want to choose to have the envelopes lined in the theme color as well. If you are planning to invite some guests only to the ceremony, you can choose a different style of invitation for those specific guests.

Wording the Quinceanera Invitations

Traditionally, the parents invite the guests in honor of their daughter. However, it is also acceptable for the quinceanera girl to do the inviting and give her thanks to her parents for the celebration. Many times the godparents’ names are also included as well as a list of the quinceanera girl’s couple in her corte de honor (court of honor). The language you choose for your quinceanera invitations depends on the guests. If the majority of the guests speak only Spanish, it would be a good idea to print the invitations in Spanish. Some quinceaneras choose to print the invitations in a combination of both English and Spanish. How Many Quinceanera Invitations to Order

When determining how many quinceanera invitations you need, you should count one invitation per household with young children, one per couple, and one per each single adult. It’s wise to order a few extra invitations for last minute guests and for keepsakes. Try to order these extras with your original order because it will be much cheaper than ordering them separately when you realize you do not have enough for everyone.

Ordering the Quinceanera Invitations

The quinceanera invitations should be ordered as soon as the date, time, and place have been decided. This will give you enough time in case they need to be reordered or readjusted if they are not right.

Addressing the Quinceanera Invitations

The easiest way to address the invitations is with a computer, which you then print onto the envelopes. The quinceanera invitations can also be addressed by hand by you or a professional calligrapher. A professional is preferable because it gives the invitations a special touch of elegance and glamour.

Mailing the Quinceanera Invitations

The quinceanera invitations should be mailed at least six weeks before the party. This will give your guests enough time to respond so you can begin counting the exact number attending. This will give you enough time to organize tables and decide where each guest will sit during the reception. These numbers will be very important when calculating the amount of food, the number of tables, chairs, place sets and favors.It also allows your guests to save the date and plan accordingly in order to make it to your celebration.

Good luck with your invitations, and don’t forget to have fun designing them!