Planning a Quinceañera

Planning a Quinceañera
Planning a Quinceañera

Planning a Quinceañera

The planning process for a large celebration like a quinceañera can be overwhelming. The key is to organize and outline the process from the very beginning like an event planner would do. Professional party and wedding planners have certain methods and tips in order to stay on top of the planning process and make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.

The biggest tip to having an amazing celebration is to plan ahead and use tools to organize the planning process. This might sound boring because celebrations and parties are supposed to be fun, but behind all the glitz and glamour is a highly organized and professional event coordinator, you! This is the best way to ensure you have your dream quinceañera filled with beautiful memories and avoid nightmare stories or last minute glitches. Follow our recommended tips.

Let’s get started!

First, it’s a good idea to start off with an organizer or planner that’s specifically designed for quinceañera celebrations. It will make your work much easier by providing you with a list of things to get done while reminding you of any steps you may have missed along the way.  A quinceañera planner will prevent potentially costly and embarrassing mistakes from happening. Next, set up a meeting with your immediate family to share ideas, discuss the budget, size of thre celebration, and most importantly, what a quince celebration means to each person in the family. If you don’t have your quinceañera planner yet, remember to take notes during the meeting.

The quinceañera rite-of-passage tradition dates back to over 500 years ago. Getting the family involved with the planning of the quinceañera celebration will assist each family member to appreciate their heritage more and enjoy being a part of the planning process. Once the budget and celebration size have been decided, it’s a good time to calculate how much money should be allocated for each step of the celebration.

Sepan Banquet Hall in Los Angeles Is The Best Choice For Your Quinceañera

Sepan Banquet Hall in Los Angeles Is The Best Choice For Your Quinceañera

Many latino families follow the tradition of honoring godparents, family members, and friends by gifting money or items to be used in the quinceañera celebration. This tradition of sponsorship is helpful in today’s economy when even the smallest party can get very costly. The following chart can be used as a guide when deciding the amount of money that should be allocated for each category of your quinceañera celebration.

50% – Food, beverage and banquet hall.

20% – Photographer and/or Videographer.

5% – Flowers

5% – Cake

10% – Quinceañera dress and accessories

2%-18% – Music (depending on whether live band, DJ or both)

3% – Invitations

5%-10% – Miscellaneous.

Each category can be changed depending on the choices and services you prefer for your big day.

Some extra tips on planning a quinceañera:

A great party isn’t about how much you spend on it. It’s all about how well everything comes together in the end. Careful planning is important, especially with a limited budget. Smart planning will eliminate disappointments, heartache and wasted money. Once you have your budget in place you can begin to set up meetings with your chosen vendors for each category. Following and constantly maintaining your quinceañera planner might seem like a homework assignment, but you’ll be proud of yourself for planning and organizing on your own. Follow these easy tips, and your guests will be leaving your quinceañera impressed and filled with unforgettable memories of your beautiful day.