Putting the “Banquet” in “Banquet Hall” – Catering at Sepan Banquet Halls

everything included in a platinum banquet hall package

Have you been looking for a banquet hall that will serve food the people at your event will actually want to eat? Do you want to hold your event in a hall that actually handles everything for you? The truth is that when it comes to a venue for your event, you want a venue that’s more than just a venue, more than just four walls and a ceiling. You deserve to have delicious catering, handled by professionals, to make your event that much better. That’s just part of what we offer here at our venue.  

Start With the Appetizers (and More) 

At our hall, we take pride in being the event venue for so many weddings, corporate events, quinceaneras, and plenty of other kinds of events. We do everything we can to customize the hall to your needs. For example, we offer more than 30 different appetizers. That’s not a misprint. You can choose from appetizers such as smoked salmon, fresh vegetables, eggplant caviar and more. That way, your event starts exactly how you want it to. 

The Main Course 

Over the years, we’ve found that so many events are as good as the main course. To that end, we offer as many different options as possible. Yes, a majority of those who rent our hall opt for the kebab, be it chicken, pork, or chicken/beef luleh. That said, we also have lobster, trout, salmon, ribs, and more. Long before your event takes place, we sit down with you to figure out which of our gourmet dishes from Mediterranean, Mexican, and other International cuisines are right for you and yours. That way, you have the best event possible. 

A Banquet Hall to Fit Your Event 

We’re quite proud that our banquet hall is really “hall(s.)” See, our hall can actually be customized to be separated into three separate halls. Each has their own stage, lighting, entrance, and more. That way, we’re always providing the right space for your event. You could have up to 150 in a hall, or if it fits you, we can have up to 300 in our big hall. It’s one more way that we can make everything fit your exact specifications, making your event that much more special. 

Start Planning Today 

We’re excited about what we’ve been able to do so far at our venue for all of the wonderful events that we’ve been grateful to host here. That said, we’re even more excited about the renovations that are to come. Indeed, they’ll be done by Valentine’s Day. Then, we’ll be able to unveil a new venue, building on what was there to make it even better. To schedule your event with us, you can do so through our site. We look forward to hosting your next event!