Quinceanera Planning Tips

Quinceanera Planning Tips
Quinceanera Planning Tips

Quinceanera Planning Tips

So you are quince anos and about to start planning your big fifteen celebration known as the quinceanera. It can be overwhelming to think about all the things you have to take care of and buy for your quinceanera, but take one step at a time, stay organized, and little by little your big day will come together with some help from family and friends. Here are a few quinceanera planning tips:

Quinceanera Dress

The first thing you should take care of during your planning process is the quinceanera dress. The dress will set the tone for the rest of the party, and you will know what color and theme you will use. If you are going to have a Chambelan stand in your quinceanera, you will also know what color and style tuxedos the guys will wear.

Quinceanera Venue

The venue of your quinceanera party sets the stage for your celebration. It’s important to choose a venue at least 6 months in advance, especially in cities like Los Angeles where there is a high latino population. Keep in mind that the venue or hall should be able to accommodate your guests without being too cramped or too empty. Sepan  banquet Hall is one of the best halls to hold your quinceanera party, providing packages that include decoration customization and catering.

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Quinceanera Invitations

Another step in the planning process you will want to think about early on is the quinceanera invitation. This is because it might take time to decide on the type of invitation you want and have them printed before sending them out at least two months before the date of your quinceanera. You want to consider your guests as well and allow them enough time to plan ahead and promptly respond to your invite. They may also need time to buy a gift for your party, unless they decide to simply sponsor a part of your quinceanera party.

Quinceanera Sponsors

You can ask some of your family members and close friends if they would be willing to sponsor a part of your quinceanera, such as catering or decorations. You can even suggest ideas, such as sponsoring your cake or even your hair and makeup. Those closest to you will jump at the chance of being able to help you out.

Quinceanera Music

A good deejay or house band is important to have as your quinceanera music, especially if you are going to have a baile (dance). Ask around for recommendations and experiences. You may decide to have mariachi at your quinceanera,
which is always a hit.

Ask Around

Try to attend other quinceaneras to see what other girls are doing and get ideas. It is great to be creative and make your day unique to you and your style. Remember to incorporate your latina culture in your quinceanera as well. If you can, try to make everything both English and Spanish-friendly, because there may be family and friends attending who are third generation hispanic.

Quince Anos

You only turn fifteen once! Your 15 years of life should be celebrated in the best way possible, so don’t forget to have a good time and don’t let a little obstacle ruin the rest of the day. Keep in mind that a quinceanera is about bringing family and friends together to celebrate your womanhood!