Quinceanera Traditions

Quinceanera Traditions
Quinceanera Traditions

Quinceanera Traditions

For the latino community that celebrates the quinceanera, traditions are essential. Quinces, as they are often called, celebrate a young girl’s coming of age into womanhood. The quinceanera is an event that is held on the girl’s 15th birthday, but is not the average sweet fifteen or sweet sixteen party. Quinceaneras take as much preparation as a wedding, which is why latino girls dream of this day and remember it for a lifetime. This article will go over the most common quinceanera traditions and customs as used by the latino culture.

Most common quinceanera traditions and customs as used by the latino culture.


Quinceanera Dress

The quinceanera dress is probably the most important part of a quinceanera tradition  for the girl whose fifteenth birthday is being celebrated. The dress can come in many forms, but a ballgown type dress is common to emphasize a princess-like celebration. The color and style of the dress is usually what determines the theme of the rest of the quinceanera.

Quinceanera Court

The “Quince’s Court” or corte de honor is the wedding party of the quinceanera. It usually consists of 14 teenage girls and boys, and a male escort for the quinceanera who can be her relative. The corte de honor dress in gorgeous dresses and matching tuxedos. The dresses worn by the girls should be synchronized, and the quinceanera usually chooses a different color to differentiate herself from the court. Once it is time to enter the reception hall for the party, the names of the individuals in the court are officially introduced as they enter. They can then perform a choreographed dance as a traditional form of entertainment.

Quinceanera Waltz

Another common quinceanera tradition is the quinceanera waltz. The quinceanera girl, her escort, and the court perform the waltz at the reception hall. Some hosts may even sponsor dancing lessons for the Quince’s Court to perform like professional dancers. The quinceanera girl usually dances with her dad during the quinceanera waltz.

Quinceanera Gifts

Common gifts for quinceanera include:

  • A sceptor symbolizing her entry into womanhood and shouldering responsibilities
  • A tiara symbolizing her princess status for her special day
  • A Rosary to remind her of her purity and innocence.
  • A religious cross symbolizing her faith
  • A bible
  • Earrings, bracelets, and rings to remind her to follow God

Quinceanera Doll

Every girl’s childhood is filled with dolls and barbies. No quinceanera would be complete without the presentation of the quinceanera doll. During the reception, the girl’s mother and father present her with a beautiful porcelain doll which symbolizes her “last doll” in childhood, marking her entry into womanhood and growing up.

Quinceanera Toast

Typically, the quinceanera girl’s father leads the guests in a toast to his daughter. Others can follow with their own toasts to the girls afterwards.

Quinceanera Record

Since the quinceanera is one of the most important event in a hispanic and/or latino woman’s life, it is essential to have it recorded professionally. Experienced photographers and videographers are an important investment for the quinceanera, because their pictures and videos will be what remains of the special day (in addition to the beautiful memories). Do not forget to make an album for your guests to see, and remember to have fun at your quinceanera party!

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