Seeing Wedding trends in Banquet Halls in Los Angeles

banquet halls in los angeles

Couples typically go to great lengths to ensure that their wedding will be a memorable one. They are now shunning those traditions and opt for something unique. Here in our banquet halls in Los Angeles, we see various wedding trends that couples get to enjoy with their family and friends. 

Banquet Halls in Los Angeles for Your Modern Wedding Celebration 

Our banquet halls in LA can be used for various events. But they are mostly for a wedding reception. Each day we host different themes. When it comes to a wedding celebration, couples typically choose a unique way to celebrate their nuptials. 

banquet halls in los angeles

Round Seating 

The traditional seating arrangement makes it difficult for some guests to not see the bride and groom. To resolve this issue, many couples would rent our banquet hall and request for a round seating arrangement. This type of arrangement is getting popular now. It offers guests a truly wonderful, unique experience. 

Photo Ops 

Couples would also choose to have a certain place in a hall where their guests can take photos with the couple and other guests in the ceremony. They hire professional photographers and designers to arrange the area. The couple would opt to utilize various props to capture the couple in a way that will surely set them apart from the rest. 

Unique Themes 

The banquet hall is also being arranged by professional interior designers to give the hall a unique look. The design ensures a welcoming environment and a unique ambiance. Most couples would choose to have their entourage to wear the same color as the decor of the event. 

Taper Candles

Although many couples are shunning the traditional wedding arrangement, some are going back to the basics. They are now using timeless taper candles. Although these long candles are too formal for modern couples, they are getting popular this year. Wedding candle decors are great but tapers can elevate your decor. What’s great about them is that they require minimal effort. 

Taper candles are great because they make your wedding high-end while not going overboard with your budget. 

Bright Colors are Back 

We also notice the resurgence of vibrant colors. Thus, we can expect bright colors to stay in. Expect to see orange and moody wedding colors, like mauve and burgundy. To pick your wedding colors, make sure to incorporate different shades, instead of sticking to an exact chip match. 

You can also expect to see more organic floral creations. The decor trend this year is all about free-flowing arrangement. You will see more of flowers growing up a wall or overflowing greenery arches. 

Book Our Banquet Hall 

At Sepan Banquet Hall, we do not just specialize in weddings but we also cater to private parties, anniversaries, corporate events and many more. We offer you the place where you can do anything to ensure that the celebration is a memorable one. If you are planning a wedding, then make sure to give our staff a call to find out how we can help you make the celebration memorable. Book our banquet halls in Los Angeles today by dialing these numbers: (323) 894-9446