Party Halls in Los Angeles

Sepan Banquet Hall 10/29/15

So you have decided to throw a party! As you may have already guessed, the party hall is the first and most important step of the party planning process. This is because the party hall will determine the date, size, and even theme of your party. Party halls in Los Angeles are so diverse that…

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How to Plan the Perfect Corporate or Private Banquet

Sepan Banquet Hall 05/25/15

It can be overwhelming planning a corporate banquet for the first time. Organization and preparation is key when it comes to the perfect private party, and this blog is dedicated to getting you started on the right track! Many questions need to be asked before you even begin planning a corporate or private banquet. We…

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Corporate Events: The Key to Successful Business

Sepan Banquet Hall 12/02/14

In this competitive economic market, employees need more than just holidays off to be excited about their work. Corporate events such as holiday parties, activity days, award banquets, and picnics are a sure way to strengthen your company by bringing the employees and organization closer. If you own or manage a corporation or commercial establishment,…

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How to Plan a Corporate Event or Party

Sepan Banquet Hall 10/18/14

That time of year is fast approaching! Although it still feels like summer, the coming holidays mean that companies will soon begin planning their corporate event parties. These parties often include award banquets for the employees, sparking teamwork and morale. If you are reading this blog, then you are also probably wondering how to begin…

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Corporate Event Ideas for Your Business

Sepan Banquet Hall 09/17/14

Your business can only benefit from a corporate event including all the employees. There are many reasons for holding a corporate function or event, from morale and team building to celebrating achievements and product launches. Coming up with ideas about what to do may be harder than anticipated. The following list provides some corporate event…

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5 Steps to Help Plan an Amazing Corporate Banquet

Sepan Banquet Hall 07/09/14

Have you been placed in charge of planning your next corporate banquet? No worries, we’re here to guide you with the corporate banquet planning process. Use these 5 tips to make your corporate banquet planning run smoothly and have your boss smile from ear to ear for an amazing job! The first step in the corporate…

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The Meaning of Corporate Event Planning

Sepan Banquet Hall 06/30/14

Corporate Event Planning is vital for companies that are trying to instill team building concepts in their employees to improve working relationships and environments, ultimately revitalizing their business. Team building is not a new concept in the business world, but is gaining a fresh face as it reemerges during the sagging economy as a method…

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Buffet Catering For Those Moments

Sepan Banquet Hall 01/27/13

Whether it’s a marriage reception, convention or large family gathering. There might be a period when you’ve got a large function that’s too large to do by yourself. This is where you’d take a look at catering for that function. You will find various kinds of catering to select from. This can rely on the…

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Catering Ideas To Consider For The Event

Sepan Banquet Hall 01/16/13

Catering is definitely an chance to produce a special meal in celebration of the event in order to thank individuals who attend your meeting. Some occasions are extremely formal and wish professional service. Others provide tasty food offered to visitors. Other medication is informal buffets where visitors might help themselves. In most cases, you should…

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