A Quinceanera Venue That Shine in LA

Sepan Banquet Hall 09/20/23

Ah, Los Angeles, where dreams come true and moments become memories under its famous bright skies. There’s no place like it, especially when it’s time to enjoy the magical trip from girlhood to womanhood: the Quinceanera. LA is the best place for such a big party because it has a mix of urban style, Latino…

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Quinceanera Venues for an Event 15 Years in the Making

Sepan Banquet Hall 09/16/23

Have you been looking at various quinceanera venues but none of them seem like they’d be worthy of your family? Do you want to have your child’s quinceanera in a venue that offers just about everything you could possibly need? Those are just some of the reasons that families have held their quinceaneras at Sepan…

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20 Ways to Save Money on Your Quinceañera!

Sepan Banquet Hall 07/07/15

Tip 1: Limit the Guest List and Set a Budget to Save Money on Your Quinceañera The following is a sample budget set at $2,500 for 50 guests: Dress & Accessories: $300 Hair & Makeup: $100 Venue Rental: $350 Ceremony Fees: $50 Flowers and Decorations: $150 Food & Beverages: $500 ($10 per person) Cake: $150 Music:…

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Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Dress

Sepan Banquet Hall 06/02/15

Birthday celebrations are a great way to remember another cherished year of your life, but no birthday celebration comes close to the importance of a quinceanera! The quinceanera is a major event for latino girls turning fifteen, as it marks the coming-of-age into womanhood and starting a new chapter in the girl’s life. Since a…

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Invitation Tips for the Quinceanera

Sepan Banquet Hall 09/01/14

Often times, quinceanera parties are large and lavish like wedding or engagement parties. It is important to formally invite your guests using invitations to keep things organized for your special day. Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Invitation The quinceanera invitation is important because it is the first aspect of your party that the guests will see…

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Tiaras: Why They’re the Perfect Accessory for Quinceañera

Sepan Banquet Hall 08/22/14

A girl has many special days and events throughout her life that require special attire. These events include dances, weddings, parties, and celebrations. Each and every event is chance for the girl to shine bright and wear beautiful clothes and jewelry. One accessory that has been in fashion consistently for centuries is the glamorous tiara….

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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Quinceañera Dress

Sepan Banquet Hall 08/07/14

The most important part of a quinceañera for a girl is her dress! The perfect quinceañera dress can make a girl feel like the princess or queen of her ball and make her shine bright in the video and photographs that will last a lifetime. Finding the perfect quinceañera gown can be a hard and…

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Planning a Quinceañera

Sepan Banquet Hall 06/23/14

The planning process for a large celebration like a quinceañera can be overwhelming. The key is to organize and outline the process from the very beginning like an event planner would do. Professional party and wedding planners have certain methods and tips in order to stay on top of the planning process and make sure…

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Tips to Save Money on Your Quinceañera

Sepan Banquet Hall 05/26/14

It may not seem possible, but you can have the Quinceañera you’ve always dreamed about regardless of the size of your budget. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate one of the most important and memorable days of your life. The key is to approach the party planning process smarter, using your head instead of your…

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