Tips to Save Money on Your Quinceañera

Tips to Save Money on Your Quinceañera
Tips to Save Money on Your Quinceañera

Tips to Save Money on Your Quinceañera

It may not seem possible, but you can have the Quinceañera you’ve always dreamed about regardless of the size of your budget. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate one of the most important and memorable days of your life. The key is to approach the party planning process smarter, using your head instead of your heart.

Tip #1

Be modest with your guest list. Divide people on your guest list into three groups:

Group 1- the most important guests that must be invited, including immediate family and closest friends Group 2- family members not from the immediate family, distant family members, and friends not in your everyday circle Group 3- all other friends and most distant family who will understand if they’re not invited because of your smaller celebration

Tip #2

For the Quinceañera dinner, consider having a buffet instead of a sit down meal. For slightly bigger budgets consider having food stations. Food stations are fun and engaging because someone is preparing and serving the food, but they are less costly that a sit down luncheon or dinner.

Tip #3

Supply your own drinks and beverages. Many banquet halls will allow you to bring your own drinks, which is less expensive than having an open bar. Some hotels will let you bring your own drinks but may charge a corkage fee, which is a fee for every bottle that’s opened during the party. Another alternative is to negotiate the corkage fee with the hotel prior to agreeing on a contract price for your Quinceañera party. Before purchasing your beverages, it’s a good idea to make arrangements with the store to make sure you’ll be able to return the unopened bottles for a refund.

Tip #4

Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with the party decorations. The decorating process will be easier with more simple themes. A less complicated theme will also ensure that you have a beautiful and affordable end result. This is your time to shine and share what you have been dreaming about having for your special day. Your family members and close friends can help with creating floral centerpieces, party favors, back drops, table setting decor, candy bar setup, etc. for your Quinceañera party.

Tip #5

One of the many advantages of renting a banquet hall for your Quinceañera celebration is that you can use their kitchen. A caterer can be hired for the food preparation, but if you’re on a tight budget there are alternative options.

Most families have someone who loves to cook and host large parties. If you’re lucky enough to know someone close to you who would enjoy helping out with your party, then you should speak to them. You can discuss the details and work out a financial arrangement. If necessary, ask other family members and friends to assist with the cost of food. The Quinceañera is a Latino tradition going back over 500 years, and the entire community would donate money and assist in preparations in order to have a large party for everyone to enjoy. When asking friends and family for help, you can talk about the history and tradition of the Quinceanera rite-of-passage celebration. When everyone shares in making your Quinceanera dream come true, it’s memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

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