Use Sepan Banquet Hall for Team Building Activities

use sepan banquet hall for team building activities

Bringing your employees together is vital to the success of your business. That’s why your company must undertake team building activities. They can range from problem-solving to cooking lessons to art classes to cocktail classes to so much else. If you do plan to have a team-building with your employees, you need to consider the venue. Sepan Banquet Hall can give you the space that you and your team need to bond together. 

sepan banquet hall

Rent Sepan Banquet Hall for Cooking Classes 

Even though your company isn’t in the restaurant business or food business, cooking classes can be a great team-building activity for your employees. They are guaranteed to come together through yummy food. 

Cooking classes as a team-building activity requires your employees to compete with one another while preparing a tray of appetizers. 

What’s great about a hands-on cooking team building activity is that your employees will improve how they communicate with one another. They can foster their relationships while they learn how to prepare a chicken kebab or something similar. 

Art Classes 

Another fun team building activity is an art class. Your team members will learn more about one another through storytelling, drawing, or painting. 

They can gather around a table and ask each other a question. Then, they must answer with art. It is a unique experience that can strengthen the bonds among your employees.


You can also rent our banquet hall to host a private karaoke party. It is not necessarily a team-building activity. However, it still brings your employees together as they belt out their favorite tunes. 

This type of activity will get your employees together as they form lasting memories. 

Cocktail Classes 

On the other hand, you might want to teach your employees how to make delicious drinks. With this type of team building activity, you will need to hire an expert mixologist to teach your employees. 

Our banquet hall is huge enough to have various tables to help your employees learn how to mix drinks. The instructor will show how to craft a perfect drink while your employees will try to mimic it or make their own.

What’s great about this type of class is that they can learn about mixing drinks and use it at your next event. In that way, there is no need for you to hire bartenders to serve your guests a drink. Some of your employees can be the bartenders for such an occasion. 

There are so many team-building activities that your employees can undertake. Whatever activity you choose, make sure that it aims to improve their productivity. As you encourage your employees to work together, they can help to  work that much more efficiently. 

They also help increase your team’s motivation and nurture your brand’s culture in various ways. As you complete a team-building activity, you are creating momentum. It also makes them feel more confident and good about themselves. 

To get the most out of it, team building must be done regularly. And if you are planning to host one in the coming weeks, make sure to book our Sepan Banquet Hall to have adequate space for these activities. Call us at (323) 894-9446