Wedding Banquet Halls for Your Winter Wedding

wedding banquet halls

There is no best time to get wed. You can have your wedding at any time you please. However, if you are planning to have a winter wedding, make sure to book a venue that will not freeze your guests. At Sepan Banquet, we have wedding banquet halls that you can rent for this special occasion. 

Making a Stress Free Plan Through Our Wedding Banquet Halls 

Since you are planning a winter wedding, you need to opt for an indoor banquet. And our banquet hall is perfect for this occasion. 

One of the things that you must evaluate when planning a wedding is location, of course. It is a vital aspect when you finalize your wedding venue. 

It must have sufficient space to accommodate all your guests. Opt for a place where it can be easily accessed by your guests, like Sepan Banquet. 

wedding banquet halls

Our banquet halls are situated within the city of Glendale. We offer ample parking space for your guests. You may visit our site to help you evaluate whether or not our halls are ideal for this special event. 

The banquet halls that you can rent are situated in posh areas. And we do not only provide venues but we also offer cuisines and food items as per your request. 

If you are in doubt about your wedding venue, you may look at our Yelp reviews. You will find that we gained five-star ratings from our previous clients. 

The theme of Your Wedding 

Apart from food, we can also help you decorate the venue to align with the theme of your wedding. 

You must have a theme to give your wedding a frame that can help you find the right decorations, flowers, and lights. The theme could be traditional, royal, runic or fusion. We can incorporate various themes as per request. 

If you choose a traditional theme, you can expect to have flowers, mystic backdrops, and instrumental music. This style of wedding can be easily implemented on your winter wedding. 

As for a royal wedding, you need to choose the right colors. A royal theme can be glamorous. You will want special arrangements and we can give them to you. 

We can decorate the hall with candles, folk dancers, arts and crafts and chandeliers. Our team can provide some life effects that will make this theme unforgettable. 

Another theme you can go with is the flower theme. As the term suggests, it is all about flowers. We can decorate the venue with flowers. 

You can go for roses, orchids, etc. The best thing about the flower theme is that it will make the venue smell so nice. It will enlighten every soul present in the event. It also evokes calmness and happiness. 

Affordable Catering Services

One of the best things about booking our wedding banquet hall is that you do not have to hire a chef to prepare your food. 

You can book our catering service and we can serve your guests with food that they like. We can prepare Mediterranean, Mexican, and International cuisine as you wish. We have a wonderful chef who will ensure that the taste of the food will linger in your mind for years. 

To book our wedding banquet halls today, give us a call at (323) 894-9446.