Where Should You Have a Baby Shower?

Baby Shower Halls

Baby showers are rising in popularity. No matter how you celebrate it, the shower is always filled with joy. Unfortunately, you can also feel uncertainty. You might wonder who to invite to the party. Most of all, where to hold it? Should you book baby shower halls? What are the guidelines for planning the perfect bash? 

Planning the Baby Shower Requires Finding the Perfect Baby Shower Halls 

A baby shower is unique. And it has to adapt to the parent’s wishes and needs. To ensure everything goes smoothly, there are some suggestions you need to follow. 

Where Should the Baby Shower be Held? 

It doesn’t matter. You can hold it in your house or rent a shower hall in California. The best thing about renting a hall is that you don’t have to clean the place after the party is over. Then, the guests will have enough space to socialize with one another. 

Who Hosts a Baby Shower? 

It’s not the soon-to-be-parent. Rather, it is hosted by a friend or a relative. It can be an aunt or a cousin. It should be this way to prevent people from thinking that the family simply wants to collect gifts. But this rule is not strictly followed these days. Nowadays, the parent’s siblings or in-laws can host a baby shower. 

When Should the Party be Held? 

It has to be four to six weeks before the due date. There are no strict rules here. But it must not be late enough that the pregnancy can happen at any time. However, it should not be early enough that might disrupt the party plan. Other people can also celebrate it after the delivery. Yes, some people do it so that their babies can attend as well. 

What are the Gifts Permitted? 

Some parents don’t want to receive gifts until after the baby is born for religious reasons. Keep in mind that there are some traditions that consider it bad luck to obtain baby items before the baby is born. 

What is the Theme? 

It is not a requirement to have a theme for the shower. But as a host, you must follow the terms of the parents-to-be. The mother-to-be might have specific rules before you can host a shower. But there’s no specific rule regarding games and themes. In fact, the most memorable baby showers have no theme at all. However, people enjoy playing party games to pass the time and have fun. 

Who to Invite? 

You should invite close friends and family members of the parents-to-be. But you can choose to invite the people who would want to celebrate it with the parents-to-be. Then again, it is vital to consult with the mother-to-be as to who should you invite. 

If you already have a guest list, it is time for you to book baby shower halls. Make sure that you book on time so you can get the date that the parent-to-be wants. Call us here to know more at (323) 661-7501.